Take this opportunity for growth and development in an environment which appreciates your effort, talent and dedication.

Cook training at Aminess

We invest in your education

We offer a series of educations prior to the high season so as to help our employees grow their careers, empower them for interacting with guests, and make their everyday challenges somewhat easier.

  • Participation in professional education activities
  • Skill improvement
  • Foreign language classes
  • Increasing skills through targeted workshops

Our young chefs get the opportunity to learn from and work with the renowned Croatian chef David Skoko, and we also cooperate with other famous faces from the culinary world, such as Melkior Bašić, Matija Bogdan, Hrvoje Zirojević, and many others.


About Aminess Gourmet Lab

Aminess Gourmet Lab is an in-house education programme aimed at young chefs, servers, bartenders, and all other members of our culinary team. This unique programme takes place in Novigrad, under the expert guidance of the project ambassador, renowned Croatian chef David Skoko.

The Aminess Gourmet Lab will allow you a chance for continuous improvement and development of your hospitality competences, and you will be able to learn from the best experts in the industry.

We encourage a friendly and stimulating environments, where colleagues can turn into friends and support each other.

Reception employment at Aminess
Michela, Aminess receptionist with Croatian actress Doris Pinčić
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Learning with the help of a mentor

Waitress serving coffee at Aminess

Just like every other new employee, you will be assigned an experienced mentor to help you with your duties and prepare you to perform all future tasks with ease.

Having worked at Aminess for many years, our experienced employees have acquired a wealth of knowledge through their work and various education activities. So as to encourage them to share this precious know-how with new team members, we have developed an in-house mentorship system, where each new employee learns through working with an experienced mentor. This approach enables us not only to accelerate the adaptation period of new employees, but also to improve entire teams, since mutual sharing of knowledge enables us all to grow and develop. This also leads to an improvement in overall services, as experienced and educated employees know how to take care of their guests in the best way possible.