Our working conditions are among the finest in the tourism sector.

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    Stimulating salaries

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    Up to EUR 1,120 of seasonal bonus

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    Accommodation provided

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    Two meals daily

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    High-quality professional education activities

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    Christmas bonus

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    Vacation bonus

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    Gifts in kind

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    Annual gift for children

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    Reimbursement of transportation expenses

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    Allowance for the birth of a child

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    Scholarships for high school and university students

Additional rewards during the season

So as to provide some extra motivation to employees in all our establishments, we also offer some additional rewards during the season:

  • Best Employee in the Department

    EUR 80 (HRK 600)

  • Employee of the Month

    EUR 200 (HRK 1,500)

  • Employee of the Year

    EUR 1,327 (HRK 10,000)

Martina, cook at Aminess

All our employees receive a seasonal reward in the amount of EUR 1,120, paid between June and September.

Other rewards and opportunities

Apart from excellent working conditions and the seasonal reward, we also provide a series of other rewards and opportunities:

Croatian singer Marko Tolja with Marijana, an Aminess employee
Aminess New Town

New Town – new hotel for seasonal employees

Novigrad, Istria

“New Town” is a name inspired by Novigrad, and it is used for a new, modern hotel accommodation establishment intended for about a hundred of seasonal employees of Aminess in Novigrad, Istria.

About the hotel

New Town spreads over 2,500 square meters, and it is located only ten minutes from the most distant Aminess tourist establishment. The hotel has a common kitchen and dining area, parking and an enclosed bicycle storage. Most of the rooms are double, with a bathroom, a French balcony or terrace, modern furniture, TV, and a heating and cooling system. Apart from free Wi-Fi, employees can also use a common area which includes a living room, as well as a special room for washing, drying and ironing clothes.